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Bellowed Influencer,

If you're reading this, we think we could be a good match to each other. At Gavin Dion we believe true beauty is bold, glamorous and timeless, and we believe you do too.

Our newly launched range of bracelets is a homage to true beauty. Handcrafted and polished to perfection. Carefully selected colors inspired by vibrant life. Symmetry in harmony with your wrist. 

By adding a Gavin Dion bracelet to your ensemble you are sure to enlighten your elegant style with a piece of true beauty. This is why the word about our bracelets are spreading faster and faster.

We are hereby inviting you to take part of this journey too by a fruitful collaboration between us. 

If you would be interested, kindly keep on reading below and we hope this is the start of a long term collaboration. 

With Kind Regards,
Your friends at Gavin Dion

The deal

Take advantage of your Gavin Dion Selected Voucher Code that would provide you with a bracelet free of charge. Request it here. 

Post an image when you are wearing the bracelet with a suitable ensemble. 

Share your discount code with your followers. This would provide your followers with 15% discount and you with a 15% kickback. Request it here.


What's next?

No one knows your followers better than you. Vote on the bracelet that you would like to see next and we may make it available for you shortly, or request your own style and as a Thank-you, you will be able to exclusively sell it 3 days before it hits the market which provide a great business opportunity.