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Size chart

With the Gavin Dion Paris bracelet you get a free pass to the Parisians effortless elegance when they are walking around the city of fashion. No matter what you’re wearing, this piece of beauty will boost your style.

Size  Size chart
 • Width: 12mm
 • PM Circumference: 155mm
 • MM Circumference: 165mm

 • Gold
 • Dark brown | Sand | Dark brown

 • Enamel
 • Double plated stainless steel (316L)

The Gavin Dion bracelets comes in size PM (Petite Modele / Small) and MM (Moyen Modele / Medium). You can use a measuring tape to find what size fits you the best. The size can be adjusted slightly by carefully bending the bracelet around your wrist.  

Size Opening Width Wrist circumference equal or less than
PM 30 mm 12 mm 155 mm
MM 32 mm 12 mm 165 mm